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Which Gen 5 starter do you like most?

Which Gen 5 starter do you like most?

I am extremely biased towards Fire-types, so I went for the adorable Tepig. Unfortunately, his evolution chain is completely outclassed by Darmanitan. As soon as I was able to get a Darmanitan, I decided to box the fire-piglet.

Below is my current team:

Did I not say I was extremely biased for Fire-types? While Groudon is not a Fire-type per se, his Drought ability is essential to my team. I have been meaning to get a Drought Ninetales (is it possible yet?) to replace him. The reason? I have three legendaries and I want to keep that number to a minimum, honestly.

And yes, I do realize how vulnerable this team is to Rock- and Water-types.

Here is an interesting factoid: my Groudon is 10-years old. I had him since Ruby Version.