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Memorial Day

So, I received an award from the Veterans for Peace for “outstanding service” in activism.

The text on the plaque reads: “We cherish your leadership and devoted service to protect individual liberty and Constitutional rights. We salute your devotion to peace, social justice, and [O]ccupy movement.”

I was also recognized by the Mayor and City Council of Cathedral City, as well as the California State Assembly for the same.

I think the last one is rather funny. California recognizes my work in the Occupy movement after arresting me, charging me, dragging me through trial for the same actions.

May Day Rally in Los Angeles

Occupy Los Angeles’ May Day rally at Pershing Square. At least, nine police helicopters hovered over the protesters with a sizable police presence on the ground surrounding the area.

It was really festive, calm, with Occupy Los Angeles organizers expressing solidarity with labor unions and other groups. Right after they reiterated that “no one should speak for you,” they handed out lyrics to some song and ordered everyone to sing it. I handed out the lyrics, “Here are some words for your mouth.”