Non-Deployment and College Majors


Apparently, I am a Brett Harrison look-alike.

I am not deploying to Afghanistan after all. Well, as far as I know. We even received an official letter backdated three weeks prior to the announcement of the cancellation from the battalion commander. He assured us that although we were not deploying with the other units, we still were, indeed, as the Sergeant Major said we were, a big jar of whoop-ass labeled “USE ONLY IN DIRE EMERGENCIES.” Apparently.

I have my doubts, of course, because in my experience with the Marine Corps, nothing is ever certain until it is over and done with and you are on your way back.

Which means I can now begin my transition to civilian life a lot earlier. And that means getting accepted into UCLA for next year. UCLA is highly selective and it is going to be tough getting into the university. It is going to be even tougher if I have no idea what it is I am going to be majoring in while attending.

It is my intention to study Economics in Loyola New Orleans for my Master’s Degree, but for my bachelor’s degree, I need something a bit more practical. I thought about majoring in Photography, but what else would I learn in college that I will not already know or will learn by doing and taking normal photography classes? Nothing much, I bet. My friend Jake Surette suggested I take Communications, which is actually quite interesting. Plus, I can then study Law, Journalism, or even Business Management for my Master’s Degree. Or maybe minor or do a double-major. Economics and Communications?

I am aiming for Fall 2010, but since the admissions period is just a mere five months away, I might have to wait until 2011 to be able to transfer as I do not have enough college classes to qualify. I am starting online classes this July and will try to figure out exactly how many classes I really need to be able to qualify for Fall 2010 (I am still deciphering the requirements; at least, it looks like I might not have to take the SATs).

I need to schedule an appointment with the Education Counselor so I can figure out exactly what is needed from me. I am determined to get into UCLA.

An Asylum Get-Together in Lake Lahontan


From the left: Jesse Cunnally, Jayel Aheram, Michael Boyd, and Benjamin Brashear at the “Sergeant Major’s” in Virginia City, Nevada.

Benjamin and I met up with Michael and Jesse in Virginia City, Nevada for the Memorial Day weekend. It was a very long drive that involved me taking lots of little cat-naps for the duration of the trip. And being subjected to gangster rap for eight hours straight. I am grateful that Benjamin was considerate enough to include Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” and a demo of Lil Wayne’s “Revolver.”

Much of the weekend was spent in Lake Lahontan, which is just like Lake Tahoe except it is filthy and brown. Ever panhandled for food? Neither have I until that weekend. I had a smores for dinner Saturday night and a single pork-chop Sunday night. I did ate the most glorious pork-and-beans that had ever passed through my lips for lunch that Sunday, though.

What is ahead for me?

I start my separations classes next week and I have yet to do the required “homework.” I was supposed to write out my resume, but I think I will just show up with my a link to my LinkedIn profile or even my curriculum vitae. I am also car hunting. According to people in-the-know, now is the best time to get some real great deals for a new car. Which makes sense, considering the state of the economy.

I will hold off on getting my dream car (a Mini Cooper) for now and purchase something practical, like a Camry or a Focus.