Opening Gala


My friend Stacy Wiedmaier recorded this video of The Harsh Desert’s opening gala. It is quite amusing listening to their conversation regarding which pieces are popular with what demographic.

I missed out on all the excitement of my first exhibition, because I was in the Philippines conducting training with the 31st MEU. Many thanks to the people that made my exhibition possible, Stacy, Michael, Juan, Ryan, and especially Rick. Rick was going through intensive chemotherapy during the duration of my exhibition, but somehow managed to wake up at 5 in the morning to conduct an interview with KMIR 6. I am grateful for what he has done and for putting such a classy exhibition in my absence.

The Harsh Desert opened with critical and popular acclaim in February, 2008. It has had a successful run and I am definitely ready for a bigger exhibition. I am planning a much bigger exhibition of my work for this year’s season, one that will encompass more of my work and not just from Iraq. Though, I will most likely still use the stronger and emotional pieces from the previous exhibitions in the new ones. The question is, of course, is finding an appropriate venue that can accommodate the scope of the exhibition. Choices, choices.

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  1. Jayel,

    Well looks as if you are still doing well – people are really enjoying your work. Not at all surprising to me.

    Hope you are still getting out and going to college soon.

    Keep on keepin on – love and light…Palestar :)

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