Principled liberals protest Obama’s illegal wars, but where is the Tea Party?

The ANSWER Coalition held a spirited antiwar rally in front of the White House yesterday, protesting the illegal, unconstitutional Libyan War. It should not come as a surprise that not a word of the rally was mentioned by the corporate media.

It is heartening and extremely encouraging to see that there are principled antiwar activists still active in the Left. However, where is the Tea Party?

We saw the Tea Party turn out in mass protests against Obama’s healthcare scheme and rightly pointed out that the program will not only be too costly, but a massive threat to civil liberties. If only the Tea Party were to apply this same logic to protest the biggest government programs America is undertaking.

With the exception of Sen. Rand Paul, few of the self-proclaimed Tea Party leaders are calling for mass protests against Obama’s unlawful wars. Until they do, the Right’s new-found concern for austerity and its fixation on the debt is just talk.