Put Your Best Face Forward

A stylist encourages fellow artists to put their best face forward. Written by Glamma for Jayel Aheram.

The media is inundated with a never-ending stream of “B” celebrities pitching the latest diet crazes or look good, feel better products. Gaunt supermodels, plastic celebutantes, Hollywood stars, and even pseudo stars of reality television grace every cover of the tabloids. Simply put, we live in an image-conscious society. We are cautious creatures of habit, something that often causes us to look before we speak. We are judged by how we look and often step out in public “wearing a personality.” What are we without an image to portray? What can we do to become part of the mainstream market known as self-promotion?

Call it shameless self-promotion, creating an image, or branding a product. I’ve had to learn how to market myself as a product in this brand-obsessed society. Successful self-employment often means you need to brand an “image.” I am the product, tattoos and art are my business. I am a walking billboard for the work I am involved with. It isn’t hard to notice when someone is glancing at my designs, so I do my best not to come off as the unapproachable, tattooed bad boy. Rolling up my sleeves to show my work welcomes conversation, and engages prospective clients. I have spent many years learning to overcome my shy nature, so I decided to create a business image. This professional character has allowed me to push aside any self-doubt. I thrive, now, in busy grocery shops, coffee shop line-ups, and public transit, picking spots where there is a chance to stand and mingle.

With a persona created, the next step in self-promotion was to create a sleek business card on quality stock. My card is simple, providing material such as my name, contact information, and website. The business card reflects my business persona and clients are able to contact me in multiple ways. Thankfully, I have a name that is not common–simply introducing myself as “Glamma” usually causes a cock of the head, presenting a prime opportunity to pull out a business card and say, “Glamma, like on my card.” I have laid tracks and footprints in many areas of the web. There are places where you can see images of the world I am part of, such as Flickr, Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. I also contribute to a monthly blog, complete with a Q&A section, covering style, makeup, and tattoos.

When you are building your business, keep in mind that self-promotion is all about being accessible to people. Have an on-line presence, and continually update information. Linking all of your information will ensure a constant loop, which will aid in the growth your business. Connecting and networking with similar businesses will also encourage the growth of your business. If you are not present your work is not being represented, and the business will start to fade. Take time to respond to your clients and set aside a few hours a week to touch base with people. Remember who got you to where you are. Without a client, there is no business. Social media is here to stay, and it is the best form of marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

Go ahead—put your best face forward, and you will be a success.

Glamma is an accomplished stylist, make-up artist, and tattoo artist. He has worked with thousands of faces and talents and numerous celebrities in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Toronto, and New York.