Rosie O’Donnell Interview

I was not able to go to New York City for a one-on-one interview with Rosie O’Donnell because of the snowstorms, so I never got to meet her. On the other hand, I still got interviewed on Rosie Radio!

Rosie and I started corresponding almost three years ago while I was in Iraq. I was posting photographs and narrating what I was experiencing. Then Rosie saw my work on Flickr and since then she has been a friend.

Rosie Radio Recap has a brief summary of what was discussed on my segment on Rosie Radio, which includes my upcoming multi-store exhibition and art show at Starbucks Coffee in Palm Springs as well as the grand opening of IncredibleArtist.Com’s new gallery location. Also, check out Rosie’s website for the awesome link-love.

Also, Rosie is going to be at Dinah Shore this year. I am going to give her the biggest hug ever.

→ You can listen to the interview here.

Recording is courtesy of Linda Woods. Thanks, Linda!

Exhibition and Art Show at Starbucks Coffee

I have an art show on March 5, 2010 at the Starbucks Coffee in Palm Springs (at the corner of Sunrise and Ramon) in conjunction with a multi-store exhibition that will include seven different Starbucks Coffee locations around the Coachella Valley. It is also to benefit Soldiers Organized Services which is a lovely non-profit organization that had helped me out in the past when I was stranded in Palm Springs. More details about the event at IncredibleArtist.Com.

Gallery Grand Opening

Wall is DoneWall is Done.” My wall at IncredibleArtist.Com’s new gallery location.

The gallery that represents me, IncredibleArtist.Com, is moving to a new location in the heart of downtown Cathedral City just off Highway 111. The location is quite spacious, with plenty of wall space to hang many different art from the varied artists the gallery represents. I have my own wall at the gallery, so if you are around the area, stop by and have a look. It is easily accessible by car from Highway 111.

Special Thanks

I am eternally grateful for Deirdre Dod (senior producer for Rosie Radio) who has been so awesome to me this entire time. I adore her. Also, many thanks to Shoshana Kraus for prepping me for the interview. Believe me, I would have done a lot worse if it were not for her.

And of course, Rosie O’Donnell, who has been a dear friend to me all these years.

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