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Dronesia [Drōn-nee-zhuh] Noun – a condition affecting Barack Obama and his enthusiastic supporters, who have shifted their positions from “antiwar liberal” to “what drone strikes?” and “LOL, what secret Kill List?” – conveniently forgetting the aspirational antiwar speeches Obama has made before becoming president and the supreme crimes against humanity committed by this administration the past four years.

Horror Hospital: Military leadership covered-up “Auschwitz-like” conditions to protect Democrats

BuzzFeed has published horrific images and testimonies stemming from an investigation into a U.S.-funded military hospital in Afghanistan that kept patients in “Auschwitz-like” conditions. According to BuzzFeed, a Congressional investigation blew the lid off the scandal, with shocking “sworn eye-witness testimonies” from three U.S. army colonels. The most damaging of these testimonies include the revelation that senior military leadership covered-up the scandal in order to protect Democrats in the 2010 elections:

Col. Carozza: “General Caldwell had the request withdrawn and postponed until after the election and then, after the election, tried to intimidate his subordinates into a consensus that it need not move forward at all.”

“How could we make this request with elections coming?” Caldwell reportedly said, referring to President Obama. “He calls me Bill.”

The fact that military leadership violated the law to benefit a political party is makes this is the most serious and damaging scandal to ever happen under President Barack Obama’s watch. Wounded American soldiers, Afghans civilians and children, suffered under these conditions and continued to suffer because of a sick, political calculation to benefit a political party.

This post originally appeared in Young Americans for Liberty.

When I showed the picture of the Iraq vet and Vietnam vet to my veteran father, he was outraged over it. As a veteran yourself, how do you handle those who react like that to the anti-war movement?

When I showed the picture of the Iraq vet and Vietnam vet to my veteran father, he was outraged over it. As a veteran yourself, how do you handle those who react like that to the anti-war movement?

I explain to them that as a child from a military family and as a former member of the military myself, I make the distinction between the servicemembers who are part of the military and the civilians leaders who are in charge of them. Most of our civilian leaders have never “served” in the military and our lives and what we go through are as alien to them as the lives of foreigners we kill to us.

It is “us” (the military and our family) versus “them” (the clueless civilian leaders). I also make the point that we are used as pawns in their political gains. They pose with us during campaigns, they praise us and throw parades for us, but when it comes to actually helping us, the veterans and our family, they are absent.

It is not them or their children who die in these wars. It is not them or their children who are dragged from country to country to maintain our expansive overseas empire. It is not them or their children who have to live in dilapidated military housing. And on and on and on.

Many fellow veterans might disagree with me about the value of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but we can agree that Congress and the president does not give a shit about us.

The United States of Drones

The Electronic Frontier Foundation put together a map of all the places in the United States that has received authorization from the Obama administration to fly drones in American skies. The list of agencies that has received permission from the FAA includes the usual suspects, but also surprising ones:

This week the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) finally released its first round of records in response to EFF’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit for information on the agency’s drone authorization program. The agency says the twolists it released include the names of all public and private entities that have applied for authorizations to fly drones domestically. These lists—which include the Certificates of Authorizations (COAs), issued to public entities like police departments, and the Special Airworthiness Certificates (SACs), issued to private drone manufacturers—show for the first time who is authorized to fly drones in the United States.

Some of the entities on the COA list are unsurprising. For example, journalists have reported that Customs and Border Protection uses Predator drones to patrol the borders. It is also well known that DARPA and other branches of the military are authorized to fly drones in the US. However, this is the first time we have seen the broad and varied list of other authorized organizations, including universities, police departments, and small towns and counties across the United States. The COA list includes universities and colleges like Cornell, the University of Colorado, Georgia Tech, and Eastern Gateway Community College, as well as police departments in North Little Rock, Arkansas; Arlington, Texas; Seattle, Washington; Gadsden, Alabama; and Ogden, Utah, to name just a few. The COA list also includes small cities and counties like Otter Tail, Minnesota and Herington, Kansas. The Google map linked above plots out the locations we were able to determine from the lists, and is color coded by whether the authorizations are active, expired or disapproved.

How long before we see armed drones roaming the skies of Los Angeles? And how long before we see our local communities suffer from “collateral damage?”

Memorial Day

So, I received an award from the Veterans for Peace for “outstanding service” in activism.

The text on the plaque reads: “We cherish your leadership and devoted service to protect individual liberty and Constitutional rights. We salute your devotion to peace, social justice, and [O]ccupy movement.”

I was also recognized by the Mayor and City Council of Cathedral City, as well as the California State Assembly for the same.

I think the last one is rather funny. California recognizes my work in the Occupy movement after arresting me, charging me, dragging me through trial for the same actions.

Democrats are proud that Obama will not hesitate to bomb Iran

Al Jazeera columnist Charles Davis reminds us that the Democratic Party is the War Party and they are proud, absolutely proud, that Obama will not consult lawyers before starting a war with Iran and that his administration has imposed the harshest, toughest, and crippling child-killing sanctions ever.

Here is the quote from the official Democratic National Committee website titled “MITT ROMNEY CONTINUES TO DISTORT THE TRUTH ON IRAN”:

Contrary to Romney’s rhetoric today, President Obama has repeatedly stood by Israel and said it would be unacceptable for Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. He has consistently stated that no option is off the table. And he backs up his rhetoric with action. The Obama administration has put in place the most severe sanctions Iran has ever faced and requested a record level of military assistance to aid Israel’s security.

In contrast to President Obama’s decisive action, Romney said more than four years ago he would consult with his lawyers before figuring out how to deal with Iran. He also has had investments in companies that do business in Iran. The commander-in-chief only gets one chance to get it right when it comes to matters of foreign policy, and Romney’s bluster on Iran only shows yet again that he will say anything to get elected.


Did you see the bit that was bolded and underlined? I did not and no one else reading it would miss it as it appears like that on the website.

The implication of this attack on Romney is that unlike the masculine, terrorist-killing Obama, Romney is a sissy who will consult his lawyers whether it is legal to attack a country which poses no threat whatsoever to the United States.

“ALL OPTIONS ARE ON THE TABLE” the Democrats proudly scream.

“Texts from Drone” is not comedy, it is satire of Obama-Clinton worship

The genesis for the blog originated from a Twitter buddy’s disgust at the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton love-fest that occurred the week prior. As brown-skinned Muslims continue to die from our deranged foreign policy, partisan hacks busy themselves with reblogging completely inane images of these symbols of that policy, images that make light and seemingly forgive their capacity for violence.

Offended at “Texts from Drones?” You should be, as should the fact that under Obama, we have assassinated American teenagers (but it is okay, because he is Muslim, brown, with a funny Arabic name) without trial and killed countless more non-Americans in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Oh, did I make Obama and your fellow partisan hacks look bad? Cry me a river.

UPDATE: Below is a fuller response from me copied from a related post.

My perspective on this is that it has forced people to confront the sad reality of Obama’s brutal drone campaign. Or at least made aware that it exists and has killed a lot of innocent people. Frankly, it is suprising to me that there people out there still (even people who I would consider moderately informed) who have never heard of the name Abdulrahman al-Awlaki. With this recent faux outrage over Texts from Drones, I am no longer surprised.

The real outrage is that we celebrate powerful people even as they commit supreme crimes against humanity. No doubt that the “drone meme” was an unwelcome disruption in partisans’ worship of their idols. This explains the attempt at misdirection (particularly Ari Kohen’s) and framing the issue away from critique of Empire to an issue of aesthetics.

And honestly, fretting about the distastefulness of images of injured children while forgiving (as others have) the institution that commits these heinous acts is more deplorable than any meme I could publish.

255 reasons to oppose Barack Obama

Last Christmas Day, I published the names of the 255 military servicemembers that needlessly died in the Iraq War under the celebrated peace laureate Barack Obama. It is a grisly list, generously sourced from Antiwar.com. I wrote then:

In Dec. 15, the celebrated peace laureate President Barack Obama declared for the third time the end of the war in Iraq. In his end-of-war speech Obama said that the withdrawal was a fulfillment of a campaign promise, despite the incontrovertible fact that the withdrawal schedule was decided in 2007 during then-president George W. Bush.


Much forgotten in the sickening self-congratulation among partisans in the Democratic Party and their neoconservative allies in the Republican Party are the people who will not be spending Christmas Day with their families today (or any other day) because it took our aspirational peace laureate 25 months to keep his promise.

Below are the names of the 255 servicemembers partisan hacks would like us to forget as not to imperil Obama’s reelection.

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