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Dear Tumblr bloggers: Please create a contingency plan

Dear fellow Tumblr bloggers,

Since the passage of the horrific NDAA, even American citizens are at risk of being indefinitely detained (or “disappeared” or “black-bagged”) by the government. If past or recent history is of any guidance, those who speak out the most (political dissidents and vocal bloggers) are at especially higher risk of being targeted for indefinite detention.

This is important: if you write about politics or regularly post information or graphics that place your government in a negative light, you should consider creating a contingency plan for when you are detained by your government.

The heroic Electronic Frontier Foundation advises:

All bloggers should:

  • Consider providing someone outside the country with the following information:
    • Login credentials to your social media, email, and blog accounts
    • Contact information of family members
    • Information about any health conditions
  • Regularly back up their blog, Facebook, email, and other accounts
  • Consider mirroring your website if you want to ensure it remains up without your attention to it (Global Voices Advocacy offers instructions on mirroring a WordPress blog)
  • Encrypt sensitive files and consider hiding them on a separate drive
  • Consider using tools like Identity Sweeper (for Android users) to secure/erase your mobile data
  • Consider preparing a statement for release in case of arrest— This can be helpful for international news outlets and human rights organizations
  • Consider recording a short video identifying yourself (biographical info, scope of work) and the risks that you face and share with trusted contacts
  • Develop contacts with human rights and free expression organizations
  • Think about a strategy/contingency plan for what to do if you’re detained (see below)

If you are arrested or detained:

  • Is there a trusted person(s) that you would like to authorize to make major decisions on your behalf—such as whether to conduct a public campaign? If yes, please make sure to discuss your preferences with that person. The following are among the topics you could talk about:
    • What are your preferences for public campaigns? Is there a particular message that you feel strongly represents you and your views?
    • What are the organizations you feel closest to in terms of potentially leading campaigns for your release and/or better treatment?
    • Are there any particular attorney(s) who you know and would like to solicit for your case?
    • Do you have a preference about what to do about your accounts? (i.e. Change the passwords, turn them into campaign accounts or shut them down) Do you trust someone else to make crucial decisions about your accounts if your situation changes?
    • Is there any specific information about you or relevant to your case that you prefer not be made public?
    • Do you have acute or chronic illnesses which require medication or treatment? If yes, what are they? (Asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, etc.)
    • Are there family members that one can contact to sign off on important decisions or speak to the media? If yes, who? Are there family members who you absolutely do not want to speak on your behalf?

I do not know who you are or what you write about, but please know that I value every word that you have ever typed or mistyped, every propaganda art you uploaded, and every silly macro you reblogged. I might not ever meet you or read your words, but I want your voice to be always heard.

Lol. Shut up and vote Democrat.

What are you going to do? Register to vote in the primaries? Participate in a political campaign? Whatever dude.

The fact that Barack Obama killed foreigners, deported record number of immigrants, and bailed out bankers did not bother you one bit. The fact that he assassinated your fellow Americans in a foreign land did not bother you one bit. The fact that he has continued to send my brothers to die in his rich man’s wars did not bother you one bit.

Now, a little black-bagging bill come along and you are all whimpering about it.

What are you going to do about it? Agitate?

You know what, shut up and vote Democrat.